Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A peek at my Sketchbook

SAY WHAT?!?! A non-crochet post?!?! Thats right folks, I really do other things with my life, and I swear I don't crochet ALL the time ;)

I have been spending more and more time in my sketchbook lately, and I thought I would give you a small peek into a couple doodles. I actually used to spend a lot of time drawing when I was younger, but after my paintings got harshly critiqued, I strayed away from art in general- until the last couple years. I find myself drawing or doodling when I am stressed out, or overwhelmed, or just the opposite- relaxed.

The World goes Round...
By drawing meticulously, I am able to solely focus on what I am drawing, and less on things that might be bothering me. I pretty much never have a plan on what my drawings are going to look like, and I just start in one place and move on from there.

Flower Garden
I will forever be inspired by flowers...

Flower Mandala's
I would have to say, drawing mandala's is my favorite thing to do. Something about going around layer after layer that is soothing. I never have a thought going into these, and I love how they all turn out so individualized and unique.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Market Bag

Since we are in the beginnings of summer time, we are spending more and more time outside. I love being able to go to my local farmers market and buy local produce, but I always forget to bring a bag with me. Of course, I fixed that problem with some yarn, and a crochet hook!

Super in love with this bag! It was super easy to make, and it turned out so fun!

With this type of bag, I had to make the mesh looking part a little shorter cause as soon as you stick something in the bag, the whole thing stretches. I planned for this already, but I also might want to try making it a little bit shorter. I also added a couple too many stitches in the top, so it looks a little funky at the opening. Oh well! Now I know what not to do next time!

I used Sugar and Cream to make this bag, and it took probably 5 balls to complete. Although next time I think I won't make the strap as long as this one, and that will save me some yarn.

This bad boy has already been to the store and farmers market with me, and I get compliments wherever I go! Makes me super giddy!

This whole bag is simply a combination of single crochet and chains... Basic and simple! Not to mention the super fun colors! I already have the colors for my next one!

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Crochet Toddler Headband

Happy Monday All! Even though I had no school this Monday (Finally!) I was still exhausted! I spent the weekend celebrating my success of graduating (community college, but I over-came many obstacles and challenges to finally get here). Anywho, hope your weekend was fun filled and relaxing!

Now to introduce my next piece...

I made this headband for my cousins 2 year old daughter. She told me to just do whatever I wanted, so this is the design and colors I chose. She loves pink and purple, so I went with it!

The size is perfect, cause the flower still looks a little larger on her head, but the band part fits really well and is cozy too.

Isn't the rhinestone center precious?! I love the way it looks!

While I made the band attach all the way around, I could easily make it adjustable, giving it the right size for any head!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Purple Chain Cuff

I was sad to see this piece go... I made it to give to somebody in one of my classes as a birthday gift, and I secretly wanted it for myself. ;)

I had originally gotten these buttons for a different project, but that one went sour, so I cut them off and re-used them with this cuff. I love these sweet buttons- I just might need to buy more...

I like how this cuff is casual, yet still stylish. It isn't too bulky, and it's super cozy to wear.