Monday, January 31, 2011

DIY Sunburst Mirror

I did it! I jumped on that band wagon, and went with it! I made my own sunburst mirror. This was a really easy, fun, and rewarding project! I already have plans to make another one!

I wanted it to be a little more interesting, so I cut and broke the sticks to make a star type of shape.

The thing I like most about this project is that it looks amazing, and it cost next to nothing! I got the mirror at the dollar store, and the skewers at Safeway for $1, and then I used a plate hanger that cost me $2. So, for under $5 I was able to have fun, and get something great for my house at the same time!

Heres what I did... Super simple

As you can tell, I used a TON of hot glue! My mentality was simple- I didn't want it to fall apart and wanted it to be as simple as possible. Besides, a ton of glue doesn't hurt, and you can't see it from the front.

I started with the longer pieces, then worked my way around the mirror. I broke and cut pieces along the way, and just did whatever I thought looked good.

Once it was done and dry, I spray painted it with some silver paint, and added the plate hanger!

I have big plans for this bad boy, but I will share that later. ;)

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011

My newest Obsession: Nailhead Trim

What a great way to add pizzaz to any boring piece! It brings in just enough character!

I love the way the different patterns and designs look on an ottoman! So chic, and glamorous!

Adding nailhead trim to any table is divine! I love the way it looks!

Without the trim, this chair was okay- but now its WOW! Isabella and Max Rooms

I love the swirl designs! I am going to have to keep this idea tucked away for sure!

Sunburst Mirror Ideas

I have been wanting to make one of these for a while now. I already have the mirror (somewhere but can't find it after the move) and was looking around for a good pic of what I wanted my mirror to look like. Boy was I in for a treat! There are so many great ideas out there and most of the time they include a great tutorial on the execution.

The Nester
Something different than your typical sunburst mirror. This reminds me more of a sunflower... I love sunflowers...

The Shabby Nest
After making a book page wreath for the holidays, and a little mirror and this is one adorable idea! Way to think outside the box!

Home by Sunset
This mirror is made with a Lazy Susan, and some wooden tear drops. I like the simplicity of this one. Wouldn't this mirror look cute in a nursery?

A nice piece of wood, and a bunch of old catalogs later, and VIOLA! I love that this one is made of magazine pages! Amazing

Organize your stuff now
The little mirrors give it an adorable retro look.

Crafty Nest

Under the table and Dreaming
Just might need to give this one a try! She includes a great tutorial! Talk about super cheap! I already have the mirror, and one or two cereal boxes... Hmmm craft this weekend? Possibly!

Project Pretty
This is like nothing I have ever seen before! I LOVE IT!!! She also includes a great tutorial- and was lucky cause she had everything on hand already! Stunning. How much would you pay for something like this in a store? Tons probably...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

White Vignette

Nothing like a couple of sweet little vignette pics to keep a girl happy, and inspired...

White Vignettes with a winter feel (mostly)

Decor Allure
Love the window! I like how this entry looks almost like a fireplace mantel. Adorable

I love the white branches in the pitcher, and the twig wreath in the back. A great way to bring the beauty of nature inside- even in the barest months.

Star Shine Chic
The mirror and bottles are perfect together!

Song Bird is Nesting
The queen of Vignettes! Truly! This is more spring, but I couldn't help throw it in here. The single tulip or pair in each bottle is sweet. Serene...

Song Bird is Nesting
I like the pop of color, and the tiny stack of driftwood pieces. Even though this is almost all white, there are bits of texture all around- making it more rich

Timeless. Simple. Love.

Fingerprints on the Fridge
Sidebar from the winter vibe- I thought I would throw this in here too. I'm not one for Valentines day, and actually strongly dislike the holiday. And its not because I am a bitter, single girl (no offense to those who are) I just think its a ridiculous "holiday". That and I actually really can't stand the colors. Red, pink, purple, and white- a little too fru-fru for me personally. That being said, I actually really enjoyed this sweet little set up. Not too much pink, and the turquoise is a nice off set color. Not to mention the pic of the couple is super cute!

Cute Find: Letterpress Calendars

Last year, I made my own calendar using magnets and decorative paper, but this year I was thinking I wanted to do something different. I still wanted to make my own calendar (a nice thing to look forward to every month- a new creation!). I thought I would take a look around for an idea of the layout that I wanted to go for, and I found some really cute calendars that I totally adore. I love this style, cause its simple and stylish. There are so many different designs, and I love the texture to them. When the year is over, they will make cute art pieces!

Pistachio Press

Felt & Wire Shop

My Owl Barn
Since I am a big owl fan, it should go without saying "I love these!"
You can create your own calender by simply downloading the PDF file. AMAZING!!


Seesaw Letterpress
I like how the calendar part is separate and the paper is perforated so its easy to frame when your done! Great idea!

And another owl one. Since moving into our new house, I have noticed there is an owl somewhere in the neighborhood. I can hear it all the time. Love it! They are such amazing birds!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Relaxed State of Mind

This is where I was today...

Soaking up the sun...

And relaxing while listening to natures awesomeness ;)

What is it about the beach that is so relaxing? Perhaps the sound of the waves crashing, or the Sea Lions barking in the distance, or perhaps its the breeze that blows your hair out of your face, or the joy you experience when finding a treasure buried in the sand. All these contribute to my soothed state of mind which is why I love the beach so much.

What is it about a room that makes it relaxing?

A soothing color on the walls and surrounding you

Soft place to rest, soothing visuals for your eyes

And a clean, uncluttered environment... (at least, thats what does it for me!)

And from inspiration of my day, some fun beach decor...

Coral pillow

Driftwood heart wreath
*Mental note*

Shut the Front Door!

Love a brightly colored front door! Makes me want to come right in and look at the rest of the house!

Young House Love

Lavender and Lilies

Kaitlyn Shay

Design Matters

Coco Cozy

Emily Hensen
*My favorite*