Monday, January 14, 2013

Crochet Dish Towels

 For Christmas this year, I made most of my gifts. And they pretty much all revolved around cleaning. I figured they were things that everybody could benefit from. Over the course of the week, I will be sharing some of the different gifts I made. Starting off with these crochet dish towels. They were really easy to make, and took no time at all. In fact, once I was done, I decided that I had to go get more yarn and make some for myself!

I chose some bright fun colors, and got to work!
They came out to a pretty nice size, where you can use them to simply dry your hands, or you can use them to scrub your dishes and counter tops. Whatever your needs are! 
I folded them in half, and held them all together with a ribbon. They were a pretty big hit!

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