Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dreamy Kitchens

Living in a space with a super small kitchen makes you truly appreciate having a large kitchen. To be able to have more than one person in there with you, to have tons of counter space, a full sized fridge and stove, and an island are among the few things I miss and dream about.

Cabinet space? Whats that?

This kitchen is small, but I love the color and the sink! How adorable!

A rustic kitchen... Mmmmm.... Just look at those rafters!

I love the look of the glass cabinet doors. Show off all those fabulous dishes!

I'm not even sure what I would do with all this space! It is very glamorous though!

Ummmm purple counter tops? YES PLEASE! I would be beyond stoked to have purple counter tops in my kitchen! Especially paired with those fab decorative cabinets!

Absolutely LOVE the basket lamps! It brings the whole kitchen down to earth!

Something about this kitchen makes me giddy. Perhaps its all the natural light, or maybe the shelves and the numbered plates, or just the amount of windows in there. I love it all!

What kind of flowers are those?
I love how open this kitchen is. I would love to have a dinner party here with all my friends!

Peacock Decor

My house is always a work in progress. I am always thinking of something new that I can do, or some different color I can introduce. *This is what I do during my spare time*
I was trying to figure out how I could add a little flair into my living room for super cheap/free. The idea that I came up with is I want to find some peacock fabric to make pillows out of. I know that this will be really cheap, and easy to do.
That got me to thinking about how beautiful peacock feathers are, and I was instantly inspired. Here is a collection of peacock decor that would draw interest to any space.

A simple wall sticker (from ebay) adds tons of interest to this otherwise bland staircase. Talk about easy!

I love this little table from Answercult. Its got tons of personality! I don't think that I would keep it this bare though, I would probably paint it

Peacock feathers in a tall vase is one of my favorite things. I have actually been on the hunt for the perfect tall, skinny vase for a really long time to do this, I just haven't found one worth buying yet... The feathers just have so much texture and color!

I am completely in love with this mirror! I found it at Vamp Decor.
I could just see it in a hallway, or entryway above the perfect console table, with a vase of feathers...

I like this mirror too, but it isn't my style as much as the first one. It definitely says "glam"!

Peacock rug from Neiman Marcus

This is a room from the Menlo Park Hotel. I am completely drooling over it. I love the wallpaper, and the pillows!

Anthropologie always has the best things! I love this settee! It would bring tons of pizzaz to any space it occupies!

Can't go wrong with a peacock vase, or pillows!
These pillows aren't really what I was thinking for my own space, just cause I wanted more color, but I love them just as well! They are unique and super cute!
And again with the Anthro! I love these peacock dishes! How cute would they look displayed in a teal/turquoise hutch?!?! Or maybe over your amazing credenza... So many options...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Another great versatile object is trunks. Like benches, they can be used for many different ideas, and come in very handy. Things like this are nice if you live in a small place, cause they double as generally much needed storage

Lonny Magazine.
The lucite trunk is something different. I like it, but I'm not sure I could work it in my house- I like to hide things too much

Alaina Kaczmarki
I love the look of these trunks on top of the table. Absolutely adorable!

Nathan Egan
This nail trimmed trunk is to die for!

William Sonoma
I am really enjoying the texture of this trunk.

Because this room is so large (and spectacular!) they used two trunks as the coffee table, and it works great. I would die to have a room with windows like this!

Another lucite trunk, and I love the chevron rug under!

Trunks work nicely as a side table, or a nightstand. I love the used, vintage feel that they have. It makes it seem more like a home

Where do you keep your trunk? How do you decorate it?


So, I am always talking about how much I love different pieces of furniture in the house, and I think that the main thing that I find in common with all of them is that they are versatile, and can be used for a ton of different things, in a ton of different places. If you are anything like me, and re-arrange your house often, you know what I am talking about. I want pieces in my house that will double as something else, or that I can put ANYWHERE in my house.

This is why I love benches. They are comfortable, stylish, and can be used anywhere around the house whether its inside or outside.

Nathan Egan
A hallway is a perfect spot for a bench, due to the narrow space. I love it just outside the bedroom!

House Beautiful
Mmmmmmmm tufting all the way up the wall...

Harry Gils photography
Perfect in an office, where it can be tucked away when not in use, and brought out when there is a need for a significant amount of seating. *I adore the shelves and pics above the bench*

Design Sponge
Not sure what kind of room this is, but the tufted bench is a splendid addition

Martensen Jones Interior
Of course, benches are completely amazing outside

Living Etc.
My second favorite idea for benches is to use them at the dining table. It is a nice touch of character to an ordinary look.

Decor Pad
I love the pillows! For shorter people, like me, its nice to sit a little higher, plus they add a lot of texture and softness to this room

Decor Pad
My third favorite idea for benches is in the entryway/foyer. They aren't as bulky as a chair, but still give that space to sit and put your shoes on, or set your purse down

Jim Howard
This is my #1 favorite idea for a bench. At the end of the bed. I am always dreaming about what to put in this space, and a bench is always the winner!

House and Home
If you can fit it, in the bathroom is adorable! I love the patterns in this bathroom, with the sink and mirror! Super Cute!

Decor Pad
I love everything about this room! The walls, the pink chairs, the tufted bench, the striped couch, the bookshelves, the mirror.... Super Stoked on this room- I'm practically giddy

Ralph Lauren
A bench in the living room is a nice change up from the norm. Great spot for extra guests to sit!

Where do you like to see benches? Where do you put yours?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cute Find: Dahlia Jewelery

Oh Dahlia's, how I love you so!
They are gorgeous flowers, and I can never get enough of them. My neighbor has a huge garden full of Dahlias, and I always walk by and stare... They are color inspiration to the fullest!

So many varieties and colors, its unbelievable!

I am loving all the jewelery that I am finding on Etsy with Dahlias. They are too beautiful to pass up, and I think I just might have to splurge on a ring (Well, I guess $10 isn't really considered a splurge)
Anyways, I hope you enjoy and are just as inspired by this amazing flower as I am!

Fall Brooch
Found Here
Green Dahlia Necklace
By Offbeet
Fleur Teal Ring *my favorite*
By MiaBeads
Hair Pins
Found Here
Cherry Blossom adjustable Ring
Found Here on Etsy