Friday, December 31, 2010

Toilet Paper Roll Projects

In an effort to be green, save money, and cure a terrible case of boredom, I turned to an oldie but goodie craft supply. Although I didn't quite make anything yet (still fiddling with some ideas) I was able to look at some other amazing projects online that I thought were beyond amazing, and had to showcase all the wonderful talent that is around!
These are different projects to make out of toilet paper rolls! Enjoy!

Anthro inspired bracelet
3 Four and Under
WOW. How easy, and amazing is that? I have a couple brooches that would be fun on a bracelet, and this is a free-easy thing to throw together!

A Little Hut
turned cut up rolls into decor on a hurricane lamp. Check out for the full tutorial on how they made the lamp, and the decor

Michele Made Me
This woman is obsessed with making things out of toilet paper rolls! She sure has a great imagination, and some amazing ideas that are cute and useful around the house!

Michele Made Me
Adorable pin cushion! Cheap, and easy to personalize to suit your own style

Craft Passion
Pencil holder- so many options!

Suzy's Artsy Craftsy Sitcom
You thought these were metal, didn't you? You were mistaken! They are made out of strips of toilet paper rolls that were rolled and glued into these patterns. Amazing right?!

Flipflops and applesauce
I love their version of the bracelets as well! They are simply tied in the back with a string! A great rainy/snowy day project that you can do with your little ones!

Kitchen storage solutions

My new kitchen is SO much bigger than my last one, and I am in heaven! I am finding though, that I have so much cabinet space I just don't know what to do with myself! I am normally a very organized person, and I love organizing things- but with all this space I am going around in circles trying to figure out just what is going to work for me, and where things need to go based on their uses and the layout. Anyways, this has got kitchen storage on my mind, and I really could have used some of these ideas in my last house, but oh well! Better Homes and Gardens had a couple of really cute ideas for some random storage solutions in the kitchen that I thought you would enjoy...

This is a great idea! Use a curtain rod, and this has some forks that are bent to create an easy extra storage solution. You could also use some "S" hooks that would serve the same purpose. Or even use some curtain clips for storing some things.

Another simple idea for utincels that would be easy enough to make on your own

Using tension rods in a normal cabinet space helps keep cookie sheets and trays nice and organized

An over the door metal caddy makes it a lot easier to find your cleaning supplies and keeps a clean space for their home

I love this idea too! Using a garden trellis to keep random kitchen things in a cute, easily accessible way!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

What I got for Christmas

I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday! Are you gearing up for the new year?
My Christmas was nice, but I ended up getting the stomach flu along with other members of my family, so that part was a big bummer. At least I got to enjoy Christmas Eve, and Christmas day!

I hosted a family get together at my new house on Christmas Eve, and it was really nice! We decided on a brunch this year (everybody has to make their rounds to different houses) and I loved it! Thought I would show you how cute these ice cubes were...

They are orange juice ice cubes in the shape of a Christmas tree with cranberries in them! We put them in our glasses of champagne and they were the perfect mimosa! It was funny though, cause you could tell how many glasses of champagne each person had according to how many cranberries were floating on the top of their glass! Made for some entertainment!

Since Santa was so good to me this year, I thought I would share a couple things I got that I was really excited about!

First and foremost, I now own a copy of Domino! Love it! I got a couple other decorating books as well (top 3 in all) and spent a couple hours flipping through them already!

I got this adorable brooch, that I decided just for now to bring a little bling to my bamboo plant (looks cute on that basket huh?)

A purple Orchid that is BEAUTIFUL!!

Green glass dish- used for anything! Right now, it is holding some bracelets, but trust me, it will be moved around plenty in my house!

Dahlia ring and hair clip from Etsy

Gorgeous bangles from National Geographic-Probably my favorite right now! I love them!

A cuff made out of Watermelon Radish (whatever that is!) Interesting and adorable!

Mandala magnets! Stoked to get these up on the fridge! I was also thinking about making a little memo board and trying out the magnetic paint. Anyone ever tried that? Curious how it turned out...

Amazing, beautiful hardware!

I am sooooo excited to get these pretty babies up somewhere and showcase all their beauty!

Hanging candle holders. I scored (and fought hard) for these during the family gift exchange!

If you looked at my Christmas list, and some of the ideas from Etsy, you will know where Santa scored some of these things! He don't mess around! I will be sure to post pics of all these things up and in their proper places when I get fully settled in to my new house!

How about you? What excited things did you get this year?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ceiling Medallions

I was in Home Depot the other day, and saw a bunch of these ceiling medallions for sale. I have seen them before, and simply love them- I am going to associate that with my love for Victorian style. All the intricacy and the beauty, to decorate and style a part of your home that most people don't even think about

They really bring glamor, and awe into any space, and I love the effect!

Since the medallions are pretty pricey, I would think that another, more practical, option would be stencils- like this one from Centsational Girl

Why, hello there amazing teal chandelier! You look simply Fabulous on that medallion!!

Quite over-scaled, but I just love the effect of this massive medallion above the spa... Relaxing, beautiful, and gorgeous!

I love the look of this simple, homemade medallion made with a picture frame and some music sheets. A great way of adding personality to your ceiling as well!

I do love the way the medallions look on the ceiling, but they are just so beautiful that I was thinking they could easily be used for something else- anything really- but just used as art work would be amazing. I found a couple pics of just that...

Do It Yourself Magazine

Nuestra Vida Dulce

Fabulous! All the way around!
Have you seen medallions used in any other interesting way?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Silhouette Giveaway at Honey We're Home!

Honey We're Home is having an amazing giveaway this week! She is giving away a Silhouette Machine! Super jazzed, and am blogging about it as another entry into the drawing! Hope I win!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas at my new house!

Well, my bed finally made it to my new house, so I am officially moved in! Not all the way unpacked, but that is a different story... Since we had a Christmas party at the new house, I already got all the Christmas stuff out and put up last week. Here are some pics of what Christmas looks like in my new home!

Our "Charlie Brown" tree! My honey and our new housemate went into the woods and cut this pretty baby down. I laughed really hard when they brought it in the house! I thought it was cute though, cause they made sure that they cut down the top of another tree so they wouldn't kill it! So our tree is small and bare, and eco friendly!

Can't tell here, but we stuck it in a normal flower pot filled with rocks, but it wouldn't stay up all the way, so we stapled a couple branches to the window sill! Super ghetto, but it really works!

Bookcase I styled for the party. This might get switched up since I will probably end up putting some of the decor in my empty bedroom.
There are my rolled paper trees at the top, and the silver bowl is full of sparkly ornaments. There is also another wooden bowl with more ornaments and some textured balls from the dollar store

I got this print out online somewhere, but for the life of me can't remember where. So, if this pic looks familiar let me know so proper credit can be given! There are rolled paper trees here, some amazing candles a cute little 5 year old gave me, and a large ornament hanging from my carved shelf!

This is the home of my JOY plaques, and the stockings! Worked out really well having the stockings hung from the carved shelves cause I didn't have any type of stocking holder!

Little spot in the dining area. Why is it people always gather in the kitchen and dining room? I put these chairs and the table here, cause this is where everybody ends up sitting down at one point or another! I got the "Keep calm and kiss on" for free online- if you know where let me know so I can add a link! I paired the sign with a candle, some wire trees I already had, and a little Santa!

My decor was really cheap, easy, and simple this year, but I am really happy with how it all turned out! Its definitely been a stressful month so I am really excited for Christmas to be here already!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Bear with me here... Since I am in the process of moving right now, I am re-thinking everything in my house, and trying to see about the best place for it in my new home. I am coming up on a whole lot more space than I have ever really had, so I am really excited and slightly intimidated actually! The point being here, is that I am going to be sharing all these things I think about, so you are going to get a handful of the entire house in the next couple weeks.

Anywho, today I was thinking about my existing nightstands and wondering if I should keep them as my nightstand, or if I should find something different around my house. So, I did some shopping around my house and came up with a few new ideas that I will have to try out. Pics to follow! Meanwhile, here are some yummy, drool worthy pics of other nightstands!

Cara Robbins via Sincerely, Cecelia
Simply in love with this photo. The books all are bright and cheery, the alarm clocks are adorable, and I love that lamp! All the bare essentials that a nightstand should have!

Apartment Therapy
Needs to have a surface space enough for all my stuff that ends up there at night. Books, glasses, water, jewelery, hair clips, etc

Tiny Ass Apartment
I LOVE this idea! This would have been something perfect in my tiny house! I just think it is adorable! And the cup holder is actually a toothbrush holder, but you could use something a little bit bigger if you aren't coordinated enough (like me) to actually get the cup in that tiny little spot.

Recaptured Charm
If you haven't checked out this blog, you must! It's pretty amazing! I love the metallic paint job that she did with this nightstand!

Mesa Cottage
I just love the detail to this nightstand. The swirls seem like they could be easily attached to any nightstand. You could just get some decorative scrolls at the hardware store, or a craft store *making a mental note of this!*

Something about a mirrored nightstand that screams at me. I love them! I think they are really elegant, and they make any space look bigger. They reflect the bedding and blankets, making the room seem even more cozy! Love it!

I don't know where this pic came from (sorry) but I just thought this was interesting. I have had my bed in a corner like this before, and it didn't seem to be very easy to accommodate the nightstands- but something like this would solve that problem really quick! I just don't really like the fact that they are really only for the corner, and I like to move things around too much. They aren't versatile enough for me (and we all know how much I like a good versatile piece of furniture!)

Television trays turned into bedside tables with paint and some mirrors! See how they did it at My Home Ideas

Love the paint and design they did this nightstand! There were a couple other ways they did the same nightstand, but this was my favorite! Found at DIY ideas

Habitually Chic
I like the levels of this table! I am currently using something similar to this for my nightstand, but it's bigger than this one and not as cute ;)
This would be a simple project to take on and convert a step stool to this!