Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Wreaths

So, this weekend I was looking for a different, unique wreath to do other than the traditional wreath. I thought I would share some amazing ideas that I came across...

Country Living
Photograph wreath
Simply arrange photos into a circle with double sided tape on the wall

Country Living
Scarf Wreath
How cozy! Wrap scarves around a Styrofoam wreath base

Country Living
Edible Herbs
Sage, Oregano, Rosemary, Bay Leaves
A great gift for the host/ess cook!

Country Living
Pinecone wreath
Spray paint, and glue!
Country Living
Yarn ball wreath
Simple enough! Yarn balls attached together!

Country Living
Felt Wreath
Felt works wonders, I tell ya! This one is all Poinsettias, but there are tons of different options with felt

Good Housekeeping
Fan Wreath
Bunch up paper to make fans, secure in the middle, and attach together

Good Housekeeping
Cork Wreath
A fabulous idea for all those wine corks from the many holiday parties you are sure to attend!

Good Housekeeping
Berry Wreath
I love the way this looks. You can use real ones or fake ones, and just attach either to a base, or tie the ends in the middle

Good Housekeeping
Square leaf wreath
I like the square shape instead of the traditional circle

Good Housekeeping
Tie wreath
What a clever idea! Use his ties (or get some from goodwill) and secure them together for this handsome little wreath

Good Housekeeping
Recycled wreath
LOVE this idea! Use old holiday cards, cut them into a holly shape and glue on a base. If you don't have old cards you can use holiday paper and get the same adorable effect.

Good Housekeeping
Folded star wreath
I'm sure you could look up online how to fold a paper 3D star, then simply glue or tape them to a wire base. Super cute!

Making Wreaths

Lately, I have been feeling like I'm not getting excited about anything, and I don't have anything to really look forward to. So I decided that I was going to make myself get really excited about Christmas this year (The holidays are always rough when you have lost a key member of your family- It really makes me miss my sister) that way I have something to look forward to.
What better way to get excited about something than decorate?!? So I have been hard at work this weekend making the first of my Christmas decorations.

I started with wreaths... I attended an amazing wreath making party this weekend, and had a blast! A bunch of us girls got together, ate, drank wine, and got crafty making wreaths!
Here is what we all came up with at the end...

It was tons of fun, and it really got me into the spirit! I love how everybody had a different idea, and they all came out fabulous!

Can you tell by this next image which wreath is mine?!?

Thats right, I went all out and made a full ornament wreath! I had lots of fun doing this and thought it was super easy. I'd say at the end of it, I used about 65-70 ornaments (I love the dollar store!!!) and strung them all onto a coat hanger that I turned into a circle.

I really couldn't be happier with the end result! I also was stoked that almost all the ornaments are plastic- which means they won't shatter! Now, I can hang it on the front door if I want, and then when the holidays are over I can easily put it in a box and store it for next year!

What do you think?

I made more than one wreath this weekend, but I'm not completely done with the second one.

Here is a sneak peek on what that one looks like...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Christmas list...

My mom has asked for my Christmas list (she still tells me that Santa needs it! Too funny!) and while I was jotting it down, I realized the majority of the stuff is things I want for my house. So, I decided that this would be a great link for her and I can share with readers as well all the things I would love to see this year. I actually did almost all the research already, so all she has to do it click and buy (hopefully) ;)

Duvet Cover

I'm open to many options! I am always in a different mood, so I change out my Duvet's often...

Soft, Subtle, calm, natural

Floral, bright, patterned

Geometric patterns, bright, colored

On a side note (not on my Christmas list- don't get me this!) I thought this naked Duvet was really funny! That would be a hysterical joke to play on somebody!

Dahlia Rings from Etsy
I love any of these rings. The Dahlia flower is simply amazing, and would look fabulous on my finger!

Vanilla Dahlia Ring

Mauve Dahlia Filigree Ring

Dahlia Ring

Hardware Knobs
I have a couple of pieces that could use a little spice, and I know I am going to want more in the future...
Anthropologie has a great selection of knobs for any piece of furniture. You can find cool ones at tons of places. Homegoods always has a great selection, Cost Plus, and sometimes you can get really lucky with a hardware store

Jeweler's Knob
Mercury Glass Melon Knob
Peeping Posies

Domino Book of decorating
Found on Amazon for used and cheap.
Any decorating book would be great- heck, ANY book would be great (I have been running low on reading materials too often lately)

Both indoor and outdoor. My house gets partial light- and something on the easier side to grow would be fabulous!

My living room right now is brown, cream, light blue, with accents of green. I like the idea of having pillows to compliment the room with the same color scheme, and just bring in pattern... But....

I really love the idea of using the pillows to bring in some fun color and a pop for the room. Since the rest of it is really mellow, and somewhat neutral the pillows can be anything- any color, pattern, design. I am really loving the collection of pillows at Anthropologie, but I also know of a couple really great local fabric stores that have tons of great fabrics, and an extremely talented seamstress (ahem Mom *hint*hint*)

A garden stool

Preferably in White
The prices online are way more expensive than I have seen. I've seen them at Ross, Homegoods, and heard that they were at Bed Bath and Beyond, Costco, and Big Lots.

Merrell Tetra Boots
Found at Shoe Buy for the cheapest

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shutter Projects

I have Shutter envy after looking at all these cool projects! How badly I want to get my little hands on some shutters and put them to good use around the house!

Shutter message center
DIY Ideas
A great way for the family to stay organized, and look good doing it!

Shutter wall display/ memo board from The Tortoise and the Hare
This seems like a simple enough project to do on your own...

A shutter wall! How incredibly creative and attractive! In my dream home, I want a sun room, and I think a shutter wall would be adorable on one wall in there. I am actually drooling right now... Check it out at Olive and Love

Love how Paisley Wallpaper turned her shutters into a jewelery case. It looks adorable open, or closed!

The contrast on her shutters at A Glimpse Inside is fabulous! Its fun, and can easily be changed out for a different look!

Shutter Shelf by My Repurposed Life
Cute in any room, or even outside

Shutter Bench by My Repurposed Life
I have been wanting to do my deck in a Shabby Chic style, and something like this would be perfect!

What have you used shutters for recently?

Cute Etsy Finds: Holiday gift ideas

The holidays are coming up, and shopping on Etsy is a really great way to find amazing one-of-a-kind gifts, as well as helping to support some independent and talented artists. The prices are always right, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that not everybody and their mom has the same things. Here are just a couple of random ideas that I liked, and thought they would make a great gift (everything I picked is something that I myself would like to receive)

Green Glass Candy Dish by Walden Road
A great accent piece! Could hold business cards, candy, jewelery, keys, paper clips, hair ties, and is good for any room in the house!

Swirly Print Clock by TudorDesigns
This is a nice change up from your typical clock. I like the frame! This would be a cute addition to any desk top, or table top!

Mandala Magnet set by Kelly Dietrich
You get to pick which ones you want in your set

Hand Stamped Metal Trio Keychain
by DaisyMetalcreations
You can personalize them with whatever you want

Vintage Rhinestone and Silver Tone Snowflake Brooch
by Theatticshop

So many uses for brooches! On clothing, on purses, in your hair, make them into magnets, or necklaces...

Stacking Peacock rings
by CameraSHYphotography

A tad pricey, but aren't they super cute?!?!

Have you found anything on Etsy lately that you loved?