Sunday, October 31, 2010

Antique Bottle Lamp

I found a couple of pretty sweet different blogs this weekend, and tons of creative, crafty, DIY ideas. I have been both blown away, and completely inspired.

Among the many beauties, I felt like I just had to share this project. I have been wanting to turn a candle piller/vase into a lamp for quite some time, so I was super stoked on stumbling on this site Blush and Bashful
(Steel Magnolia's is my all time favorite movie!) Where she directed me to the amazing tutorial by Dwellings By DeVore

Such a great idea! Does anybody else know where I can find the lamp kit other than at Hobby Lobby? I don't have one anywhere near me (never heard of it actually till blog world). Could I just find one at a Home Depot or hardware store? Maybe a craft store?

The bird is a perfect touch! I love the way this lamp looks!

Have you turned anything into a lamp? I would love to see pics, or hear ideas!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Sweater covered Decor

I've had this on my mind for quite some time now, so I thought I would share. I have been wanting to go to goodwill and look for some sweaters so I can do some of these cool crafts with it! They are fun and perfect for some fall/winter decor.

How cute are you?!?! I can just picture it... A great little "house warming" present. Get it? House WARMING! ( I know, lame- those are the only type of joke I have)

I just love the idea of making sweater balls! A great textural touch to any room! Domestically Speaking made these super cute balls with sweater, and twine. See post Here for Sweater balls, and Here for twine balls.

Love this idea! Not to mention the fact that is is super duper easy to do! I have the perfect vase in my house that I want to do this to.

Country living
I love the way the bowls look, all cozied up in sweaters! Adorable!

Hmmm, I have some empty wine bottles floating around- something like this would be cute. Maybe with jute twine instead of sweaters

Slipping a sweater on a lamp shade is the perfect way to cozy up any space. It is just inviting you to come and read a book with a cup of coffee!

The buttons are an adorable detail!

Images via Design sponge, apartment therapy, and country living.

Around the world: Moroccan inspiration

I have been surprisingly absent from my blog this week! I just started a new job and have all of the sudden been super busy. I am stoked on it though, cause I was getting really bored for a while there. I have a better idea of my schedule, so hopefully I can keep up better next week.

Anyways, I had an idea this week that I wanted to try on my blog. Its called "Around the World" and I am going to post different cultural inspirations. I think this is a super cool idea, and I just love all the new opportunities it is going to open up for me. I am hoping to do some traveling soon (don't have anything planned, but have a MAJOR travel bug) and I think this would be something fun to do while traveling- look at all the different cultural decor, take pics, and share with others! ...I am dreaming right now.....

This week, I bring you Moroccan Inspired Decor!


One of the many reasons why I love Moroccan decor is due to the use of colors. Purple is my favorite color, and is very prominent in this decor. I simply cannot get enough

The detail! I love the furniture, and the style of those legs! Its so intricately done, and fabulous to look at!

Um, Hello dream bathroom!!!
I mean, seriously! That color is to die for, the back splash is phenomenal, and the window is beyond amazing. And the pink drawers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am over the moon about this bathroom!

Rich colors, and many layers. Moroccan design is all about the use of colors, and pillows. Bright, rich, vibrant colors- and lots of them! Paired with many pillows all stacked up against each other, all in the same rich look.

Lots of little details. There is patterns upon patterns in the furniture both with hard materials, as well as soft (upholstery). I love these tables, and the screen- and that couch is something so unique and interesting!

Like I said, its all about the little details! Lots of accessories

Texture, texture, texture

I adore the architectural details as well. I love the curved, pointy, archways

Color, color, color

Lanterns, lanterns, lanterns.
The more the better! Groupings, and solo

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mason Jars

Mason jars are so versatile, you can use them for literally anything! Here are just a couple of fun, creative uses for mason jars...

Love the idea of using them as lanterns. I don't think that I would actually use them inside my house, but love the idea of making them a nice outdoor lantern. You can find directions on how to make these on Design Sponge

Similar to the lanterns outside- using them as candle holders that are suspended! Love it!

I never would have thought of painting them. That sounds weird coming from me- cause I love painting anything! I like the way they look painted, and I think they make a perfect organizer for pens and pencils

More candle holders. Such a pleasant, vintage, homey feel they have. Adorable!

How cute is this?!?!?! Found on Etsy here but they are sold out. I think this would be something fun to make, and would be an adorable gift! My mom would love this for her garden!

Using mason jars as vases is always a cute idea!

There are even different ways you can make them into vases! I love the way they look with the jute wrapped around them. It brings lots of interest and texture!

How about painting one, and sticking a plant in it?

Or not painting it, and making a little terrarium? This crafty idea from Better Homes and Gardens.

Country Living
They are always useful for holding grains, or pasta in your kitchen- and look cute too.

This shelf is adorable! It really would bring in some fun to any kitchen. My friend lives in a really old house, with a cute little vintage kitchen, and I think these are just what she needs! Found Here

I love the idea of using mason jars for organization- especially for sewing items! Anything with buttons I am swooning over... Now all your loose buttons have a home! Found here

And because Halloween is coming up, I thought these ideas were too adorable to not pass on! I love the science jars, with colored water, some eye balls, and some creepy bugs. This would make a cute spooky vignette for a Halloween party!

I would have never thought of doing something like this! I love the look of Jack-O-Lanterns, but I really hate having to deal with the moldy pumpkins later. This is a great solution! Check out all the other similar ones here!

What do you use mason jars for?

Tray Makeover

Found this pretty baby at a thrift store for the wonderful price of $1.00! The colors are nice- for summer, but I wanted it to be a little more subtle. I had some Modge Podge and some wrapping paper at home, so I quickly got to work!

I actually bought this wrapping paper for a wedding present, but I knew I was going to want to use it for another purpose cause I loved the pattern. Its hard to tell in this pic, but you will see a couple pics down. I cut it to size, then used a spray adhesive to stick the paper to the tray, then busted out the Modge Podge and coated away.

I was really worried once it was done and drying, cause the color under was starting to show- I was worried I was gonna have to do another coat or even pick a new paper out.

Does anybody have any advice on this? I got frustrated because once it was dry, I noticed that there were air bubbles and creases in the paper. I made sure that when I put it on with the glue that it was all strait but it didn't dry that way. I smoothed it out as best I could but there are still some creases in the paper.

Here it is done!

Here is a close up of the paper that I used. Thank God the colors under didn't show up, and I was able to leave it with just one coat. I am stoked on the way it turned out! Not bad for my first tray makeover!

I went to Ross, and just couldn't resist this sweet little guy. I have had a thing for owls lately- maybe I'm just following along with the trend, who knows. They do remind me of my sister a lot. She used to have this fabulous belt that she loved that had an owl belt clip- maybe thats why I like them right now.

This is how I decided to decorate my new tray. Still a little unsure about it, but after spending far too long and making a complete mess I decided that I just needed to leave it alone, and continue to think about it.

Can you tell what the bottom book is called? Probably not- It's "Nosepicking for Pleasure" by Roland Flickit. Hehehehe!!! When I was little, I really enjoyed picking my nose- like most children- and for Christmas a couple years ago my mom got this book for me. I think its completely hysterical- its full of tips on how to pick your nose and what to do with your treasures when your done!

Love these acorns. I originally got them for some different activities in my preschool classroom, and when I left that school I made sure I didn't leave these cuties behind. I think they are perfect for some fall decor, don't you?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Using books in Decor

This might be a broad assumption- but I am assuming that the majority of us have tons of books lying around our house- I know I do. Since I don't actually have a bookshelf I have had to result in finding other, more creative, ways to store all my treasured books. I use them in my decor, and all around my house. They elevate small items, are entertaining, and bring more interest in random, everyday decor.

Having books around your coffee table is a great conversation starter. Right now, I have a couple of photography/art books on my coffee table and they bring lots of interesting conversation to the table with guests

I love this photo. The books are interesting, and add that "wow" factor to this space. It brings in the height, and is also an art piece in itself- It would take some serious thought to be able to stack them in just the right positions and sizes. Well done!

If you have tons upon tons of books, a great idea is to use them as your coffee table or an end table. I just love this look. It really says "home" and to be honest- "knowledge". If you have that many books in your home, my mind automatically thinks that you have read at least half of them-probably more- therefore, you are knowledgeable because you have read that many books- regardless of what they are about. That might just be me though...

Using your books as a display is a wise choice. I love the way they look, and I think that they really bring personality into any room/space. You really can tell a lot about a person by what they read- what they are interested in.