Friday, February 8, 2013

Re-usable Towel Roll

I have had these rolls on my list for quite some time now. Since I have a couple co-workers who also like to get down and crafty, we decided to get together and have a crafting day. Which, by the way, is super awesome! It is so much better to craft and get creative with a group of people, rather than tucked into a dark closet by yourself (no, seriously, that is where I do my crafting).
 My project for the day was to make a re-usable towel roll that snapped together. I made one for my mom, and one for my boyfriends mom. They were such a huge hit that now I not only have to make one for myself, but I also have orders coming in from other family members.
I got some fat quarters and snaps from my local fabric store, and then got the terry cloth from dish towels at the dollar store. I cut them up into squares, and sewed them both together.

The sewing was actually the easiest part ( I am a beginner when it comes to sewing and my machine) but the dang snaps were a b****. I believe the tool I was using was pretty chinsy and cheap, but it just took too long and I kept ruining snaps- thus wasting a bunch and running out before I was able to finish both sets. Actually, I have decided that I either need a better tool, or next time I am going to just try velcro. I think velcro might work better, because you won't have to pull too hard to get one towel off.

I made them each 5 squares long. I felt like that was a pretty good number to be able to use them up, and not run out too fast. If you are super savy with your laundry (unlike myself) you can even wash them before you use all the squares up.
I have been super stoked on this project, and I will most certainly be doing it again for myself in the very near future. All I need is a trip to the dollar store! In fact, I see a weekend project coming into place!!

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