Monday, May 9, 2011

Orange Cuff

I really love this new cuff I made. It is bright, fun, funky, and different. The color makes me happy, and the buttons make me smile.

Cute little sunflower buttons.

I did mess up a little with the buttons, and the positioning of them, but it still works, and looks cute when I wear it, so I don't really care. This was such an easy thing to do- I did this while I waited for one of my classes to start...

It twists while I wear it, which is nice cause sometimes you see the buttons, and sometimes you see the chains...

Although I got the idea from CreativeYarn, I made up the pattern as I went along- it might have been done the same way, but might not have... What do you think?
Would you wear something like this? I'm thinking about doing more, but with different colors and maybe a lighter yarn...

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