Thursday, May 12, 2011

Crochet Circle and Bead necklace

For lack of a better name...

Its been a week from hell this week, and boy have I needed something to take my mind away to a magical place. A place where the universe doesn't hate me- where I'm not thrown a million obstacles just to get one tiny thing done. Its been rough to say the least... I have been trying to bury myself in either crochet or drawing lately just to keep my mind busy. The last thing I need right now is free time, and the opportunity for my mind to wander and think too much.
Hence this post... I made a new necklace the other day.

I used key rings that were on sale, and crochet over them, then joined with a chain and added some beads, and VIOLA!

I am really loving all the crochet jewelery that I am making. It is so lightweight, and I barely feel it! Its a nice change...

*You like the fridge shot? Hey, it was a white background that I was looking for!*

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