Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Comet Cuff

Its been a super busy couple weeks for me- I'm wrapping up the semester, and gearing up for finals this week. The glory of it all is I'm finally going to be done with Community College, and have my Associates. Its been a long, hard, bumpy road for me, and I can't wait to be done. In order to keep my mind clear and free, I have been taking breaks in between studying and homework to work on a couple projects, so I have lots to share over the next several days/weeks.
This post I am going to share some Comet Cuffs I have been working on. This has easily become one of my favorite cuffs I have done so far. Its fun to wear, and is super cozy on your wrist. I got the pattern Here.

Don't you just love this button?! Adorable!

The teal one is a little bigger and chunkier than I would have liked, which is why I tried it out with the thinner black yarn. I still like the look of the teal one, but the thinner yarn is a little more delicate.

I wasn't able to find any decorative jewelery hooks for this project, but I did see a whole bag of key chain rings that were on sale at Beverly's. They aren't as fancy, but they work great, and the yarn covers the part that you don't want to see.

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