Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A peek at my Sketchbook

SAY WHAT?!?! A non-crochet post?!?! Thats right folks, I really do other things with my life, and I swear I don't crochet ALL the time ;)

I have been spending more and more time in my sketchbook lately, and I thought I would give you a small peek into a couple doodles. I actually used to spend a lot of time drawing when I was younger, but after my paintings got harshly critiqued, I strayed away from art in general- until the last couple years. I find myself drawing or doodling when I am stressed out, or overwhelmed, or just the opposite- relaxed.

The World goes Round...
By drawing meticulously, I am able to solely focus on what I am drawing, and less on things that might be bothering me. I pretty much never have a plan on what my drawings are going to look like, and I just start in one place and move on from there.

Flower Garden
I will forever be inspired by flowers...

Flower Mandala's
I would have to say, drawing mandala's is my favorite thing to do. Something about going around layer after layer that is soothing. I never have a thought going into these, and I love how they all turn out so individualized and unique.


  1. Wow! cool, amazing :) I used to doodle, I stopped though. But after seeing yours it makes me want to start again. And your right it is soothing. No plans, just pen to paper, and just let go. thank you for sharing :) You really made my day! I gotta go doodle now...