Monday, June 6, 2011

Crochet Toddler Headband

Happy Monday All! Even though I had no school this Monday (Finally!) I was still exhausted! I spent the weekend celebrating my success of graduating (community college, but I over-came many obstacles and challenges to finally get here). Anywho, hope your weekend was fun filled and relaxing!

Now to introduce my next piece...

I made this headband for my cousins 2 year old daughter. She told me to just do whatever I wanted, so this is the design and colors I chose. She loves pink and purple, so I went with it!

The size is perfect, cause the flower still looks a little larger on her head, but the band part fits really well and is cozy too.

Isn't the rhinestone center precious?! I love the way it looks!

While I made the band attach all the way around, I could easily make it adjustable, giving it the right size for any head!

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  1. Hi, Love the headband. DO you can you post the pattern, would love to give it a try