Monday, July 11, 2011

Crochet Beach Bag

I have been working on this bad boy for way too long now! But, I was really happy to finally be done with this spiffy new beach bag. I loved the colors of this yarn, and was digging a pattern I saw. I really tweaked it, and eventually just made it my own, but thats another reason why I love crochet so much!

This bag is the perfect size for the essentials to the beach, and it is done in a looser mesh pattern so the sand easily falls out of it, instead of getting stuck to the bottom and all over your stuff.

The zigzags sure are cool looking! I didn't even really see that until I was all done and was looking at these pictures! Worked out for the best though!

A part of me felt like the straps were a little too small, but once I tried it on, and stuck something in it (to weigh it down) I realized they were fine, and worked out quite well.

See? It fits over my arm and onto my shoulder with no problem, and once you put things in the bag, it helps to stretch out the straps a smidge.

The whole bag was done with the same color yarn from Sugar 'n Cream, and in a super simple chain and single crochet pattern. This one is officially on sale right now for $35, so please let me know if you are interested! I can do other colors as well!

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