Friday, October 28, 2011

DIY ring and ring base

The thought and motivation behind this little craft was nothing other than pure boredom. I wasn't working, and needed something to keep my hands and mind busy for a little while. I found some needle-nose pliers and wire cutters, and got to work making a ring.

This is where it started...

I actually used a kitchen (turkey) baster as a template, and wrapped the wire around in a spiral, then around the baster, and back again. It wasn't as sturdy as I wanted, so I found some thinner wire laying around and wrapped it up to make it more strong.

I was originally going to keep it as just the wire cause I really liked it, but then I needed more time to kill, so I came up with the idea to make a fabric flower, and slap it on there. I simply used a strip of fabric I had laying around, and twisted it and spiraled it, until I had a size I liked. I then added a cute little pearl in the center.

A little wire + a little fabric + boredom = a super cute ring!

So, once that one was done, I got another wild hair up my butt and decided to turn a charm I had into a ring as well.

This charm was once my sisters (who has since died) and I have always wanted to do something with it but never knew what. I couldn't put it on a necklace cause the holes were too small, so the wire was a nice match.

Its the perfect size! The band (wire) is just the right gauge and it really makes the charm stand out well. This is a ring that I love so much, I have been wearing almost every day.

This was a super easy project to do and I can't wait to go to the bead store (mental note for tomorrow!) and get some super cute beads to make more rings out of.

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