Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Crochet Pillows

I have been on a pillow making streak lately! These are the first two that I have made, and I have another super amazing one currently in the works...

This one is a granny square pillow. I found a random granny square pattern, and just made it bigger and then sewed them together.

I have some random memory foam lying around and thought that would be an awesome stuffing, so I cut it up and am using it on a couple projects- one being this pillow.
Its pretty amazing too, and I actually sleep with it every night ;)

Each side I did the colors a little different...

And I added a little picot stitching to the sides to give it that extra flair (which is my favorite part of this pillow).

This is the other pillow I did.
I like the pattern and pillow a lot, but would definitely make some changes the next time I make it.

I do love the color combinations though... These colors together are fun and attractive!

The sides of this pillow and the stuffing aren't as amazing as the other one, but its still a joy and I feel happy when I look at it-which is all that really matters :)

Ps- You like my adorable little lamp from Ikea?!


  1. fun pillows and love the color combo on the second one, so happy! thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling Sunday and great to meet you!

  2. yeah sir nice and more loving collection , i am very excited to used it in my sweet home.