Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ladders in Decor

I know I have seen plenty of old ladders that have seen their final day for climbing, but here are some different ideas that can save that ladder from the dump. Re-purposing or re-using them is a great option to add lots of interest as well as storage to any space.

Real Simple
Use is as an accessory holder. The steps are a great place for all your scarves, maybe some necklaces, and even with "S" hooks you could keep your purses all in one place

Apartment Therapy
In a small space, a ladder is a great option as a nightstand (keeping a mental note of this). It doesn't take up that precious space on the floor, and you still have lots of space for the things that you need beside your bed. *Love the clip on lamp!*

Real Simple
Here is another option as a nightstand. An interesting, industrial, vintage feel

Ladders in the garden are always a favorite of mine. In a patio or deck setting, it gives some height to your garden.

Everyday Clever
I adore how these ladders were turned into a bookshelf! Great idea!

I think this is adorable on a desk. It would be a great spot for all your desk materials in cute little containers. I can picture pens, note paper, rubber bands, paper clips all in little jars stacked on the ladder. And who says the ladder has to be on the floor?!

An indoor plant stand- Just what I need to help make my house look like the jungle I want it to be! (like mother like daughter...)

Casa Sugar
I had never seen this idea before! How clever! You could suspend a ladder from your kitchen ceiling and make it a rack for pots and pans, and other random kitchen supplies! This is a good idea for those small kitchens that don't have too much storage space

Northern Virginia Magazine
Put ladders on the wall for instant visual appeal, and it makes a perfect spot for your pics, or a clock, or even a small vase of flowers. Love it!

Another version of hanging a ladder on the wall. Super cute!

I love the look of the ladders in the bathroom. It is a good spot to put all those random knick knacks and give the bathroom a little spark as well.

A Beach Cottage
Need storage for your towels? A ladder is perfect!

What do you use ladders for? Which room do you like to see them in?

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