Monday, December 20, 2010

Cozy Reading Corners

Man, the weather lately has been insane! All this rain, thunder, and lightening, makes me want to stay warm and cozy in my house, with a blanket, a lamp, and a good book!

We are in the process of moving right now - which by the way, is super fun and easy in a storm! *Can you feel the sarcasm?* But it has definitely made my brain churn and come up with some cool and exciting (for me) things about the new house. A couple of those things are the idea that I just might be able to have a crafty area in my bedroom, as well as a cozy reading corner somewhere in the house- either in my room or in another place. So, what did I simply HAVE to do while I thought about those things?!? Look for inspiration of course! Here are some fabulous spaces...

Love the older look of this space. The hardwood floors and that tufted chair are just to die for! Although, just to make it a bit cozier I would add a rug...

This makes me happy. I would love to have a fun and cheery spot like this somewhere in my house. A place that makes me smile when I see it! I adore the color of that side table!

Boy, oh boy! I would cry if I had a space like this to relax and read in! So dreamy!

A big, oversize chair that I can curl up in any position I want ;) Heaven!

A bench seat under a window is my all time favorite! Even if I'm not reading, I love daydreaming and staring out the window...

I love this space, but I just have to say that I would for sure replace the chair. The space is warming and welcoming- with all those books to choose from- so I would naturally want to be comfortable sitting in my chair rather than stuck in one position on a wire chair... just my opinion...

Again with the bench seat under a window. I love the book storage under the bench!

This say "sophistication" to me. Its very functional, and I love the colors!

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