Thursday, May 17, 2012

Making Sheet Yarn

I have been wanting to try to make sheet yarn for a while now, and finally just decided to do it. After researching a couple different methods, I finally settled on this one. I cut down the sides, and stopped about an inch from the end-turned-and kept going.
Since these sheets simply don't fit our bed the way  others do, I decided to say goodbye, and hello to something else just as fabulous, with my favorite color.

 I thought this way looked easier because I didn't want to have to make a bunch of strips and then tie them together, and this way your yarn turns out to be one continuous piece, with no tying involved.

          This whole deal was and still is very time consuming. I'm not quite done yet, but I am super jazzed on the fact that I have started, and have a massive ball of sheet yarn. Plus, I'm pretty excited about getting to use it once its all made. I have a pretty special project in mind for this stuff...

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