Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Decor ideas

Wow, this has been the longest time that I haven't posted! I have been very busy lately with studying, writing papers, working, doing crafts, decorating my own house for the holidays, and being sick on top of all that! But I promise that as I go along with my crafts and decorating I will share them with you. I am still waiting to get my box of Christmas decorations from my moms house, but hopefully I will be able to spend this weekend decorating my entire house, and keeping up on the little crafts I am having so much fun with.

Anyways, here are some more holiday inspiration ideas- I felt like I really needed it myself. I have been searching high and low for some simple, free, and easy holiday ideas and I believe that everybody else is on the same page as me- I am finding all kinds of things and not spending any money really!

Simply Grove
Love all the colors together. It doesn't look like your traditional holiday decor and I just LOVE that. I kind of get sick of the red and green...

Better Homes and Gardens
These ornaments are simply glued to a little mirror (found at any craft place, or even the dollar store) and the top is taken off, filled with water, and embellished with flowers

Quite possibly my favorite image yet this holiday season. The ornament wreath is fabulous and I love all the colors in it! These trees were definitely inspiring to me and I made some of my own even

Love ladders! This makes for a cute, simple, and rustic decor that is extremely pleasant to look at!

Talk about a glamorous centerpiece! I know that you can probably find tons of beads like this at goodwill- but all those candles really make this a cute set up!

Something about this image just spoke to me... I love the use of ornaments as decor, and I especially love the way they look all piled up on the cake platter, and on top of the candle holders. Adorable

I was very inspired by this image as well. I have lots of different empty frames laying around, and they have made their way into my holiday decor!


  1. Tried to make the ornament vases on the mirror....soooooo cute BUT need to know what kind of glue you used. Mine would not stick to the mirrors. HELP!

  2. The ornament vases are from Better Homes & Gardens and there's no direct link which there should be. You may want to click through to BH&G and see if you can find it, but I'm guessing that E600 would do the trick.