Friday, March 11, 2011

Crochet Knoted Headband

I had the day off yesterday, and for once I didn't have to fill it doing homework or studying! Instead, I learned more about crochet and made a couple things I am quite proud of! Here is one of them, but this one didn't really require a whole lot of crochet. It was simply a couple really long chains, knotted together to make a headband- I used this tutorial from You Seriously Made That!?.

I love to wear headbands, but I have a hard time wearing them for any long length of time cause they pinch my head and give me a headache. Thats why I am in love with this one- it is so soft and comfortable to wear that I can keep it on all day.

I love the way the ribbon looks at the bottom! Especially since I have short hair, you can see the ribbon hanging at my neck- I think it looks super cute!

My bangs were being challenging this morning, which is why I have that ugly hair-clip there :)

I most definitely see more of these in my near future!

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