Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A peek at my bedroom

So, I moved in to my new place here around Christmas time. I am just now finally getting the house set up, and fixing things the way that I like them. I have spent the last couple months just trying to get to know the house, and all the rooms and think about what I wanted to change before I actually do it. My bedroom was really bothering me before, and it was never actually set up in a way that I liked. It needed to be cleaned up, and rearranged- so I did just that. I don't have any pics of what it looked like before, but here is what I spent presidents day doing...

I brought in some new nightstands (from other parts of the house), art, lamps, and a curtain as my headboard. The whole goal for this transformation was to not spend any money. I succeeded except for the lamp on the left...

My bedrooms have always been really straight lines, with no real color scheme, and a hodge podge of random furniture. While I have kept the things I like, I added a lot more softness by the curtain headboard, and started to establish a color scheme.

The nightstands are waiting for their make overs- I have them planned, and am just waiting for good weather... The canvas art above the left I made- see more about that here

Isn't this lamp beautiful?!?! Homegoods for $18. How could I not buy this thing? I am totally in love, and I think it adds something perfect to the bedroom

My sis took the middle pic in the frame, and I took the pics of the purple flowers (can you tell what my color scheme is?). I looks really sweet with the little heart rock I found at the beach a while ago...

This nightstand is also patiently waiting for a makeover- although I haven't really thought about what to do with it yet. I don't want to keep it white cause its all dirty and doesn't go with anything else in my house. I was toying with painting it a turquoise color, or black... What do you think? Any ideas?

The wicker art above this nightstand I also scored from Homegoods a while back.

I set a plant and picture on a fabric covered frame here, and paired it with our salt crystal lamp.

I love the way it all came together, and I have been spending more time in my room since then. Obviously its not all finished- there are holes and random nails all over, no curtains on either windows (but some as headboard? lol), and we need an area rug badly. But I am enjoying all the colors on the bed and the neutrals on the walls and in the art...

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  1. Turquoise would be a perfect color for your night stand. I'm actually trying to find one to paint and am kinda jealous of yours because it would be perfect!