Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Its the small things in life...

Yesterday I was blessed with my afternoon class being canceled. My teacher was sick (so sorry for him) but that meant that I had a whole afternoon off, and it was a sunny, beautiful day! I hung out in my yard, and then worked a little around the house, which included some small little changes around the living room.

This is the left side of the couch, and it previously had no table at all. It is a dark corner of the living room, and there is a closet just to the left of the picture which really limits space. I have been on the look out for an end table that I can put there, but in the meantime I really needed something to fill the space. This cute little table came with the house- some previous renter left it- and it works for the time being. I am also in need of a lamp for this corner, so I am on the look out for that as well.

This little tray and the decor I just moved over from the other end table on the other side of the couch. I really love the layout of this sweet thing, and didn't feel it needed a change of any kind.

This is the other end table. The white metal candle holder also came with the house- and up until now it was sitting outside. I cleaned it up a bit, and added it here!

The lamp here is one that I made over a while back- I'm still in love with it!

This is where my TV is at right now. I love the dresser- it was given to me from a friend and my boyfriend and I gave it a little makeover. Oh, and pardon the cords in the backround- you like how we still have christmas lights in our living room?! We decided that the ambiance ruled out for a while over the tackiness. I will get over this once we get a lamp on the left side of the couch... Anyways, the dresser is nice and simple, but I added a smidge of pizzaz!

I don't have 4 green knobs, but I do have two! I thought it looked better, cause now you can actually see the knobs! I just need to see if I can find two more to finish off the look!
This pic, I am actually show-casing my curtains too... You like? I scored them at Cost Plus! Its layered with one pattern, one blue on each side of the window.

I really need to paint in here... and clean up those cords! It is a terrible sight!

Here is a close up of the knobs. I like how the green ones are the same color, but they are a different shape. I think I am going to work with that, and look for some with the same color but another shape- maybe square or something (if I can find them).

I love how I can just do some small things around my house, and feel totally satisfied! I love change, and I really love to rearrange, but I don't always want to do my entire house when I get a little bored. This is a perfect solution for me- something small and simple! Do you do the same?

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