Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Christmas list...

My mom has asked for my Christmas list (she still tells me that Santa needs it! Too funny!) and while I was jotting it down, I realized the majority of the stuff is things I want for my house. So, I decided that this would be a great link for her and I can share with readers as well all the things I would love to see this year. I actually did almost all the research already, so all she has to do it click and buy (hopefully) ;)

Duvet Cover

I'm open to many options! I am always in a different mood, so I change out my Duvet's often...

Soft, Subtle, calm, natural

Floral, bright, patterned

Geometric patterns, bright, colored

On a side note (not on my Christmas list- don't get me this!) I thought this naked Duvet was really funny! That would be a hysterical joke to play on somebody!

Dahlia Rings from Etsy
I love any of these rings. The Dahlia flower is simply amazing, and would look fabulous on my finger!

Vanilla Dahlia Ring

Mauve Dahlia Filigree Ring

Dahlia Ring

Hardware Knobs
I have a couple of pieces that could use a little spice, and I know I am going to want more in the future...
Anthropologie has a great selection of knobs for any piece of furniture. You can find cool ones at tons of places. Homegoods always has a great selection, Cost Plus, and sometimes you can get really lucky with a hardware store

Jeweler's Knob
Mercury Glass Melon Knob
Peeping Posies

Domino Book of decorating
Found on Amazon for used and cheap.
Any decorating book would be great- heck, ANY book would be great (I have been running low on reading materials too often lately)

Both indoor and outdoor. My house gets partial light- and something on the easier side to grow would be fabulous!

My living room right now is brown, cream, light blue, with accents of green. I like the idea of having pillows to compliment the room with the same color scheme, and just bring in pattern... But....

I really love the idea of using the pillows to bring in some fun color and a pop for the room. Since the rest of it is really mellow, and somewhat neutral the pillows can be anything- any color, pattern, design. I am really loving the collection of pillows at Anthropologie, but I also know of a couple really great local fabric stores that have tons of great fabrics, and an extremely talented seamstress (ahem Mom *hint*hint*)

A garden stool

Preferably in White
The prices online are way more expensive than I have seen. I've seen them at Ross, Homegoods, and heard that they were at Bed Bath and Beyond, Costco, and Big Lots.

Merrell Tetra Boots
Found at Shoe Buy for the cheapest

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