Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Unique Headboards

Feeling a head cold coming on, so I have got the beds on my mind :(
Its not that bad (my cold), but the thought of warm, cozy beds is always a relaxing thought. So much goes into the thought of your bed, including your headboard! I love all these amazing and unique ideas to add that extra something to your space.

White Picket Fence

In a space crunch, this headboard serves as nightstand, ambiance, and architectural detail

I love the look of using canvas art as a headboard, but this takes it to a whole new level! The bunching of the fabric, paired with that amazing blanket on the bed, really makes this bed call my name! I adore those nightstands too!

A Folding Screen
Always a good idea

Love this! Its a railing- green and chic!

I actually toyed with this idea for a little bit for my room- painting a headboard on the wall! Easy, and cheap with the same look!

I'm not too sure what this headboard is actually. I mean, it looks like a Dahlia to me, but I am wondering if its a wall decal, or feathers, or what... Either way, I love it!

I have never really seen this before... If you are into the typography this would be a super cute idea! Or in a "big kid" bedroom

These last two are just great examples of using fabric and a canvas to work your magic in the bedroom. They are different, and give a different vibe, but they are both yummy!

Do you have a cool/unique headboard you would like to share? Send me a pic!

In my morning grog, I accidentally erased the source for where all these pics came from, so- sorry about that!

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