Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hand Painted Stacked Pots

After seeing lots of these cool tipsy planters on Pinterest, I decided that I was just going to go for it and make my own. Only, I didn't want them to be as simple and boring as some other versions that I have seen. 

My house came with a lot of old terra cota pots, so I already had all the materials- other than the rebar rod that is used to stand everything on. 

I decided that I really wanted something unique and individual to my style, so I spray painted all the pots white, and then drew on the designs with paint, and added in details with a metallic pen.
These cuties turned out pretty awesome, huh?!?!
They most certainly aren't perfect, but I couldn't be more stoked on the outcome. Besides, the imperfections just give it that much more character, right?

Since I wasn't talented enough to find longer pieces of rebar at the store, I was only able to get two 3 ft pieces. This just meant that I couldn't stack all the pots together like I originally planned, and instead I ended up with only three pots stacked, but in two different places in the yard. Which I actually like a lot better!
After painting and drawing on the designs, I sprayed the pots down with a couple coats of a clear sealant. I (obviously) didn't want the paint and all my hard work to wash off, and this helps keep the pots from soaking up all the water, and leaving less for the plants. Plus it gave them a shiny outer coat that looks pretty ;)
Just an FYI- The pots are simply "laced" onto the rebar, and tilted however I chose.

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