Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sunburst Garden Art

 I have a random corner in my yard that has been neglected until recently. This is the corner where I put my amazing herb garden, so it is slowly coming to life. My hope is that it will be a space that I will actually want to hang out in. A place where I am stoked to be, and enjoy looking at. Of course, that is my ultimate goal for the entire yard, but when you have such a big space that can be challenging. So, I decided that it needed a little flair of myself, and I quickly came up with a plan...

 I got to work with a drill, some wood screws, and my fabulous creative mind ;)
And I conjured up this sunburst sweetness for my corner.

Since I wanted it to be centered on the fence, and with the herb garden, the only place to really do that was on the post. Which is why at certain angles it looks a little funky.

It sure does spice up that back corner, and now that  all of the plants are bigger, it has all filled in and looks amazing!

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