Friday, August 24, 2012

Pallet Table with Living Runner

In the process of doing my backyard, and I decided that I needed a table. My little brother was kind enough to take on that project for me ;) 
However, I had NO idea what his idea was, and was totally flabbergasted when he showed up to my house with this bad boy. I swear, my jaw actually hit the floor!!!

 He made me a table using old pallets, braced it, added on legs, and then made a living succulent runner in the middle. 
What can I say, I come from a creative family!!!

He actually just used rain gutters from Home Depot, and drilled in holes in the bottom so that it would drain properly. The succulents are pretty happy here too, and are totally taking off!

I was actually fortunate enough to get my moms old umbrella, and while I was at my Grams house, I saw an old umbrella stand too. My brother was smart enough to drill a hole in the middle to for the umbrella. Pretty amazing, right!!!

And look at the border surrounding the plants!!! I am one proud sissy!!

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