Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ceiling Medallions

I was in Home Depot the other day, and saw a bunch of these ceiling medallions for sale. I have seen them before, and simply love them- I am going to associate that with my love for Victorian style. All the intricacy and the beauty, to decorate and style a part of your home that most people don't even think about

They really bring glamor, and awe into any space, and I love the effect!

Since the medallions are pretty pricey, I would think that another, more practical, option would be stencils- like this one from Centsational Girl

Why, hello there amazing teal chandelier! You look simply Fabulous on that medallion!!

Quite over-scaled, but I just love the effect of this massive medallion above the spa... Relaxing, beautiful, and gorgeous!

I love the look of this simple, homemade medallion made with a picture frame and some music sheets. A great way of adding personality to your ceiling as well!

I do love the way the medallions look on the ceiling, but they are just so beautiful that I was thinking they could easily be used for something else- anything really- but just used as art work would be amazing. I found a couple pics of just that...

Do It Yourself Magazine

Nuestra Vida Dulce

Fabulous! All the way around!
Have you seen medallions used in any other interesting way?

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