Monday, December 6, 2010

Sequin Flower Headband

I was inspired by Infarrantly Creative's Sequin Flowers post, so I decided to give it a go for myself- I have a couple sweet little girls in my life who had a birthday, and the other for Hanukah. This was a super simple craft to do, and I was able to watch tv doing it (except for the first one I did- the power was out and I figured out that it was beyond difficult to sew in the dark-WEIRD, huh?) anyways, heres how I did it.

Sewed flat sequins on a piece of felt in a circular pattern

Then folded some sequins and sewed those in two layers making my way to the center of the circle.

*Kind of a cool pic*

To add the finishing touch, I sewed some beads in the middle. Cut the remaining felt off, and tada! You have yourself a shiny cute flower! I then attached mine to a headband for the girls to wear.

I cut another piece of felt to go on the under side of the headband

And used the trusty glue gun to stick it all together!

It turned out adorable and both girls totally loved them!

The pink isn't really my color, but I think I might try one in black or white or something for myself.

PS- My hair color looks super cute in this pic! Its all natural, but the color normally looks darker to me

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