Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas at my new house!

Well, my bed finally made it to my new house, so I am officially moved in! Not all the way unpacked, but that is a different story... Since we had a Christmas party at the new house, I already got all the Christmas stuff out and put up last week. Here are some pics of what Christmas looks like in my new home!

Our "Charlie Brown" tree! My honey and our new housemate went into the woods and cut this pretty baby down. I laughed really hard when they brought it in the house! I thought it was cute though, cause they made sure that they cut down the top of another tree so they wouldn't kill it! So our tree is small and bare, and eco friendly!

Can't tell here, but we stuck it in a normal flower pot filled with rocks, but it wouldn't stay up all the way, so we stapled a couple branches to the window sill! Super ghetto, but it really works!

Bookcase I styled for the party. This might get switched up since I will probably end up putting some of the decor in my empty bedroom.
There are my rolled paper trees at the top, and the silver bowl is full of sparkly ornaments. There is also another wooden bowl with more ornaments and some textured balls from the dollar store

I got this print out online somewhere, but for the life of me can't remember where. So, if this pic looks familiar let me know so proper credit can be given! There are rolled paper trees here, some amazing candles a cute little 5 year old gave me, and a large ornament hanging from my carved shelf!

This is the home of my JOY plaques, and the stockings! Worked out really well having the stockings hung from the carved shelves cause I didn't have any type of stocking holder!

Little spot in the dining area. Why is it people always gather in the kitchen and dining room? I put these chairs and the table here, cause this is where everybody ends up sitting down at one point or another! I got the "Keep calm and kiss on" for free online- if you know where let me know so I can add a link! I paired the sign with a candle, some wire trees I already had, and a little Santa!

My decor was really cheap, easy, and simple this year, but I am really happy with how it all turned out! Its definitely been a stressful month so I am really excited for Christmas to be here already!

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  1. LOL LOL Your Charlie Brown Tree Is Way Too Cute. My Son And I Moved Just Before Christmas Last Year And I Put White Lights And Red Bulbs On A Faux Tropical Plant And It Looked Awesome. Everybody Loved It............I Even Kept The White Light On The Tree And At Night It Looks So Gorgeous.