Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas tree ideas

I know that a lot of people have their set of ornaments, and they tend to not stray away from that, but I love the idea of having a themed tree. I understand that if you don't make the ornaments yourself, it can get really pricey having to buy new ones- but you might just be able to find things around your house or at the dollar store, and make your tree something new and exciting this year!
Here are a couple great suggestions from Martha Stewart

Frosting your tree. Instead of having the plain green tree this year, get some fake snow or even flour and sprinkle it over your tree for a freshly snowed look

I just love this tree. Its completely the opposite of your traditional tree, but it sparkles and shines! What a great thing to have in the background of your holiday party!

Sea inspired tree. My moms boyfriend paints scenes on sand dollars and they would look amazing on a sea inspired tree!

How easy, and cute- a cotton ball tree! I'm sure you could just string them with a needle and thread, and they look adorable on the tree!

Got a little one around? Making ornaments out of paper is a safe way to decorate the tree if your worried about your kids getting hurt or breaking other ornaments. Even for those curious pets...

Origami tree. This could be time consuming, but I'm sure the end result would be amazing!

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