Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Bear with me here... Since I am in the process of moving right now, I am re-thinking everything in my house, and trying to see about the best place for it in my new home. I am coming up on a whole lot more space than I have ever really had, so I am really excited and slightly intimidated actually! The point being here, is that I am going to be sharing all these things I think about, so you are going to get a handful of the entire house in the next couple weeks.

Anywho, today I was thinking about my existing nightstands and wondering if I should keep them as my nightstand, or if I should find something different around my house. So, I did some shopping around my house and came up with a few new ideas that I will have to try out. Pics to follow! Meanwhile, here are some yummy, drool worthy pics of other nightstands!

Cara Robbins via Sincerely, Cecelia
Simply in love with this photo. The books all are bright and cheery, the alarm clocks are adorable, and I love that lamp! All the bare essentials that a nightstand should have!

Apartment Therapy
Needs to have a surface space enough for all my stuff that ends up there at night. Books, glasses, water, jewelery, hair clips, etc

Tiny Ass Apartment
I LOVE this idea! This would have been something perfect in my tiny house! I just think it is adorable! And the cup holder is actually a toothbrush holder, but you could use something a little bit bigger if you aren't coordinated enough (like me) to actually get the cup in that tiny little spot.

Recaptured Charm
If you haven't checked out this blog, you must! It's pretty amazing! I love the metallic paint job that she did with this nightstand!

Mesa Cottage
I just love the detail to this nightstand. The swirls seem like they could be easily attached to any nightstand. You could just get some decorative scrolls at the hardware store, or a craft store *making a mental note of this!*

Something about a mirrored nightstand that screams at me. I love them! I think they are really elegant, and they make any space look bigger. They reflect the bedding and blankets, making the room seem even more cozy! Love it!

I don't know where this pic came from (sorry) but I just thought this was interesting. I have had my bed in a corner like this before, and it didn't seem to be very easy to accommodate the nightstands- but something like this would solve that problem really quick! I just don't really like the fact that they are really only for the corner, and I like to move things around too much. They aren't versatile enough for me (and we all know how much I like a good versatile piece of furniture!)

Television trays turned into bedside tables with paint and some mirrors! See how they did it at My Home Ideas

Love the paint and design they did this nightstand! There were a couple other ways they did the same nightstand, but this was my favorite! Found at DIY ideas

Habitually Chic
I like the levels of this table! I am currently using something similar to this for my nightstand, but it's bigger than this one and not as cute ;)
This would be a simple project to take on and convert a step stool to this!

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