Thursday, December 30, 2010

What I got for Christmas

I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday! Are you gearing up for the new year?
My Christmas was nice, but I ended up getting the stomach flu along with other members of my family, so that part was a big bummer. At least I got to enjoy Christmas Eve, and Christmas day!

I hosted a family get together at my new house on Christmas Eve, and it was really nice! We decided on a brunch this year (everybody has to make their rounds to different houses) and I loved it! Thought I would show you how cute these ice cubes were...

They are orange juice ice cubes in the shape of a Christmas tree with cranberries in them! We put them in our glasses of champagne and they were the perfect mimosa! It was funny though, cause you could tell how many glasses of champagne each person had according to how many cranberries were floating on the top of their glass! Made for some entertainment!

Since Santa was so good to me this year, I thought I would share a couple things I got that I was really excited about!

First and foremost, I now own a copy of Domino! Love it! I got a couple other decorating books as well (top 3 in all) and spent a couple hours flipping through them already!

I got this adorable brooch, that I decided just for now to bring a little bling to my bamboo plant (looks cute on that basket huh?)

A purple Orchid that is BEAUTIFUL!!

Green glass dish- used for anything! Right now, it is holding some bracelets, but trust me, it will be moved around plenty in my house!

Dahlia ring and hair clip from Etsy

Gorgeous bangles from National Geographic-Probably my favorite right now! I love them!

A cuff made out of Watermelon Radish (whatever that is!) Interesting and adorable!

Mandala magnets! Stoked to get these up on the fridge! I was also thinking about making a little memo board and trying out the magnetic paint. Anyone ever tried that? Curious how it turned out...

Amazing, beautiful hardware!

I am sooooo excited to get these pretty babies up somewhere and showcase all their beauty!

Hanging candle holders. I scored (and fought hard) for these during the family gift exchange!

If you looked at my Christmas list, and some of the ideas from Etsy, you will know where Santa scored some of these things! He don't mess around! I will be sure to post pics of all these things up and in their proper places when I get fully settled in to my new house!

How about you? What excited things did you get this year?

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