Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Curtain Inspiration

So, I have been living in my new house for about a month and a half, and I still don't have any curtains up! Its getting really old, and I am feeling anxious cause the curtains will really make a difference, and make the house feel more comfy. I have a couple different ideas in my head about how I want to go about this situation...
I have an idea about what I want for the living room, and so I thought I would look around and put a picture with whats in my head

I know I want curtains with a print... And since the rest of the living room is rather void of pattern, I think this will be perfect and really bring in the interest and tie in all the colors. I especially love the imperial trellis pattern

A simple Ikat pattern would be amazing. Not too sharp, and would really soften up the whole room

Then again, a nice chevron curtain could be really crisp!

Or perhaps something a little retro... Although now that I'm thinking about it, retro probably wouldn't really tie in with all the rest of the decor

I adore the damask pattern as well. A part of me thinks that damask might be a little too much, and a little more girly than I want. Since I live with two boys, its important to me not to go too girly and keep with something really gender neutral. Something that we can all live with...

Now, I really love this idea. My window in the living room is really large, so doing a couple solid colors with some pattern is an idea to think about

I was thinking about sticking with a lighter blue for them, but then I saw these curtains. I love the pattern, and I think the color is very striking. It would really bring in a wow factor!

These are perhaps my favorite. I would love them in a lighter blue.

Since I am on a very tight budget (starving college student here) I need to be very thrifty with my curtain solution. Right now, I am thinking my options are: buying fabric and making my own, look to convert sheets, shower curtains, or getting a plain panel and using a stencil to create the pattern I want. I have most recently been looking to convert sheets, cause I think that might be the most cost effective way, but we shall see!

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  1. Could you tell me where I could find the sheer curtain pictured in the 6th image down. (It's the two solid orange (?) panels with the one sheer in the center.) Thanks for you help!