Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Styled Bookshelf

I spent all day today doing homework. Yuck! So, in the middle of my homework session, I needed a break. While getting the house cleaned up a bit, I payed closer attention to my bookshelf in the living room. Now, I loved the way it was before, but it just needed a little oomph (I like to change things up a lot). Thats when the fun began!

This is how it looked before. Nothing wrong, just boring.

I changed up the placements of things, and added a couple new things as well.

These are the top two shelves.

These books were transformed with a little leftover fabric...

And I love how they turned out! That material is from my Fabric Canvas Art, so I like that it flows from one room to the next.

A pretty fake flower

Here are the bottom shelves. This is mainly where I added the new stuff...

Plant on Travel Books
*I want to go to Thailand sooooo bad!*

My retro art. I got this fat quarter on sale with the intention of making one side of a pillow with it, but I needed some pattern and pizzaz on the bookshelf, so I inserted the fabric into an empty frame I had lying around and BAM! Instant interest!

I got the beaded twig things during Christmas, but I just cut off the holly looking leaves, and I can now use these things anywhere in the house at any time of the year. I like how they look with the retro flower fabric...

I made a framed chalkboard a couple weeks ago, but soon after it was finished the cats knocked down a glass of water, which spilled all over my new chalkboard. Needless to say- I was frustrated! But, I decided to use it anyways and think of the ink spreaded splotches as character rather than flaw. I might end up changing it later on too!

I adore the quote, and I thought it was a refreshing idea to have a chalk-quote board on the bookshelf. My housemate noticed it immediately and pulled out other quote ideas that we could change out whenever we wanted.

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