Friday, February 11, 2011

Felt Flower Hair Clip

I recently got my hair cut, and went for a big (to me) change. I needed it. My whole life I have had long hair, and last summer I decided that was to be no more. I went from waist length hair, to shoulder length. It didn't stop from there. Since then, I have continued to cut my hair shorter and shorter with more and more layers. I love it. Now I know why women can't stop! I'm one of them!
Anyways, so now my hair is super short and I decided I needed to use hair accessories more often. That is what started this project- that and felt was on sale at Beverly's for 6 sheets for $1. Honestly, how could I pass that up?!
So, my morning yesterday started out with felt, scissors, and my lovely friend- my hot glue gun.

I originally saw the idea and tutorial from Mrs. Priss but I also added my own tutorial here as well

Started out cutting out the petals. Six big ones, and six little ones

I started out with the smaller petals, and bunched the bottoms, dabbed some hot glue in there, and held it together for a sec

Once I finished with that, I got a large petal, under the small one, dabbed it with more hot glue, and squeezed the bottom together around the small one

So you have something like this! Continue that with all the petals

Here, I actually wanted to make it look a little cleaner, so I trimmed the ends where the glue was. I trimmed a little of the dried hot glue, and I also trimmed it into a slant so that the buttons would stick better later

Cut out a felt circle, and start gluing the petals down to it

I glued on a couple round buttons here, and VIOLA!

Added my clip to another felt circle to make it look nice, gluing it all together and I was ready to go!

I really like it, and I think its a great little hair accessory! I was actually thinking about making a couple for some people as gifts...

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  1. too cute! I love all the felt hair clips floating around!

  2. Cute flower and such a great tutorial! Happy to be a new follower. Please share your creativity with my followers, link to my blog bash K.I.S.S. :)