Thursday, February 17, 2011

Carved Shelves

After all that amazing weather we had the last couple weeks in California we are sure paying for it this week! I am loving all the wind, rain, and hail we are getting on the coast- so much fun! All this weather though, means spending more time indoors. I must say, its a nice change up, cause with the sunny weather before I wasn't getting too much stuff done, cause I was sitting outside soaking up the warm sunlight, or going for bike rides. My house became a little neglected, so now I am making up for that. I have already re-arranged my bookshelf, added touches to the nightstands, and this morning I spruced up my carved shelves.

For those of you who are new, I thought I would introduce these amazing shelves to you. I scored them off craigslist for $10 for the both of them. I have had them for about a year or so now, and I am still in love with them. They are easily my favorite things in the house.
I also thought I would show you a couple different ways that I have had them styled (its nice for me to have them all in one place so I can see the progress myself).

This is at my old house...

We have since moved, and I have already styled these differently. I seem to be very satisfied with one of them, but then there is always something about the second that just doesn't seem right... They can be challenging for me to decorate sometimes...

This is one way I just recently had them... Above is shelf #2 and below is shelf #1

This is what I spent my morning putting together. Above is shelf #1. I love it! It still feels like winter, but with a subtle touch of spring...

I made the sunburst mirror and the owl is a dear friend

Shelf #1 sits above the fish tank, and shelf #2 is on the other wall just to the right of that door

This is shelf #2 now. I kept it simple too, and stuck with more blues.

I have a thing for Sea Turtles... Love them to pieces!

What do you think? Do you love these shelves as much as I do?!?!?

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