Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Photo Fun: Flowers

There are so many amazing trees and flowers that are blooming all around Santa Cruz right now. It really is beautiful!
So, yesterday I decided to go around (on foot, bike, and car) and attempt to snap some of the beauty that I see on a daily basis.

Magnolia trees- when they are just blooming, they are beyond amazing. I love the sparse look of the branches, then with the green fuzzy buds, and the bright flowers

Clean, Fresh, Clear

These Passion flowers are at a school, and I see them daily. These flowers remind me of being a little girl. I remember seeing them near my grandparents house when I was younger, and thinking that they just didn't belong here. They are much too tropical and exotic to grow here. From day one, I have been fascinated with the undeniable beauty of these flowers

Even though its a total pain in the butt, I adore the look of these trees when its windy out. With all the colorful petals falling down in the wind, and making it "snow"

I was reminded while I was walking around that it really is only February. Isn't that just too early for everything to be blooming?!?! The plants don't know that its still winter!

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