Monday, August 9, 2010

The Bagua

" Feng Shu is based on the premise that your space mirrors your life. As you know, the objects and energy in your environnment impact your life's progress. Some of you want to stimulate you health and wealth, others wish to invigorate their love life, spiritual connection, or career." Feng Shui your life by Jayme Barrett

Having said that, I wanted to introduce the Bagua, which is the nine energy centers in your home. By adding appropriate colors, and symbols to these areas, you are able to inhance that energy in your life. The entrance of the house is always the career center, so that can give a good head of where to begin. This is a great practice to use when you want to manifest your goals.

My whole house is done according to Feng Shui, and I couldn't be happier with it! I decorated and re-arranged according to all the energy centers and am hoping that it will make my life smoother, and happier. I will post my centers, as well as other centers to help give an idea of how simple and rewarding it is.

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