Friday, August 6, 2010

Decorating Small Spaces

So, I live in a REALLY small space. My boyfriend and I rent a small one bedroom bungalow, therefore, I am always looking for some ways to help me decorate a small space...

The key when decorating a small space is dual functionality. You need your pieces to work as decoration and as storage at the same time.

Another key in small spaces is to get rid of all clutter. Things that aren't necessary are going to just clutter your space and make you more anxious. If you don't have a centimental tie to something- think about getting rid of it

Storage is almost always an issue with small spaces, so work with what you have. Put your washer and dryer in the bathroom or kitchen if possible-use a storage ottoman as a coffee table, or a dresser as a tv stand... Things like that...

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  1. i'm going to need your help when we move into our bungalow!