Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Love and Relationships Bagua

The right rear of the Bagua (upon entering the house)
The love and relationship bagua is an important one. When love is in your heart, it extends outward and is contagious. You can enhance and energize this area to Enhance and Strengthen a current relationship, Attract a new love, Get married, Create more passion in your life, Open your heart, and to Improve a business relationship.

A big key when thinking about this area, is to think "couples". Anything that is in pairs- two candles, two pictures, two vases, two lovebirds. Artwork should reflect couples and pairs as well. Don't have a picture of just you, or a pic of a place that you like to go by yourself. Think romance. What does that look like to you? I think silk, velvet, hearts, roses, poetry, candles, anniversaries, weddings, etc are all pretty universal. I read a book that said a lady just tossed a pair of red silk panties into this corner, and soon after met her boyfriend.

Some things for quick enhancements are plants and flowers, lamps, and items in pink, peach, red, and white. And this area is associated with the Earth, so pottery, stones, crystals are all beneficial.

The bedroom (if you can handle this much pink) is a great example. Its a bit over-done for me though... This is my love and relationships area in the living room. Some houses have full rooms that are their bagua's, but my house is really small so I have corners and maybe a table or shelf for my area's. I have a heart bamboo plant that we got on Valentines day, a pair of vases, candles, a pair of pictures of me and my honey, and a little snow-globe with a heart in the middle. While I set it up, I was thinking about my purpose and thinking about all the love that I have to give, and all the love that I have received.
I know that this is a lot of info, but I hope that it helps you in your home and life...

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