Thursday, August 5, 2010

Beach Cottages

I have always been a fan of the beach cottage style. I think that the main attraction for me is the crisp, clean feel that I always get. Everything always has it's place, and it all looks so cozy
I love the striped floors in this livingroom! Paired with the light, and the yellow chair with the accents of the blu pillows. Fabulous!

I like the white, with the suttle pops of color. My favorite part about this pic is the scroll decoration in the corners of the opening. It adds that much more pizzaz to the space.

I have always been a huge fan of using luggage as tables... I like how they painted these ones white- So crisp!

Wouldn't you just love to sit here with your morning cup of coffee?!?! Or a nice margarita or mojito in the warm afternoon... mmmmmm

So, I am absolutely in LOVE with the frames on the wall! How clever is that?! It looks super cute with the necklaces and jewlery hanging down. Super stoked on this idea! May have to try it out sometime...
Images from Coastal Living

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  1. Love it too!!! I´m dreaming about a little cottage by the beach...