Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Carved Shelves

Remember these?

I FINALLY got them up on the wall where they deserve to be! I had an original plan for them, but then re-arranged my living room and they were put in a totally different home. I am really happy with them! Can't believe how cheap they were....

They are flanking the window in my living room. This one is on the left, next to my desk (which is under the mirror). Im super stoked cause I found this mirror at Homegoods and was completely in love with it, then I went to Ross weeks later and found the smaller one that is identical! SCORE!

This shelf is up on the right side of the window, next to the door. A perfect spot for the keys, and a plant!

On a side note, I got this at a Goodwill for $1.50, and I really love it! You can't really tell, but the branches are dark brown, and have brown pearls strewn about them. I put it in this vase I already had, used some rocks to hold it up, then stuck it on a glass tray and it looks perfect under the shelf! It was just the pizzaz that wall needed.

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