Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dreamy Closets

I believe a lot of people can really truly appreciate the value of having a large, beautiful closet. To be able to always have tons of options with clothes, shoes, and accessories would be a dream come true. Even to be able to dedicate a drawer of jewelery to every color possible... How fun...
This is my outlet for dreaming about this, because it is never going to happen...

Paris Hilton's Closet- love the mirrored dresser!

Miley Cyrus' Closet. Her shoes are stacked up on the ladders on the far wall- super cute

The infamous Mariah Carey's Closet- I don't think that I will EVER need a closet as big as hers. I mean, she has rooms dedicated to shoes!

Coastal Living

I absolutely adore the chandeliers in a closet/ dressing room- it gives it just the right amount of pizzaz and elegance. I would have to say, a chandelier is a necessity for rooms like these...

Decor Pad

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