Thursday, September 16, 2010


If done in the right place, with the right colors, and the right pieces, stripes can be amazing! Sometimes I see pics, and I think- wow, there is too much going on, and the stripes make it look really busy, but not with these pics!

Love everything about this pic! The bench with the sunburst mirror, and the little table with the plant- can't get any better!

How fun to have it stretch up to the ceiling! Makes the room look longer. And it's a nice punch with the yellow table!

I just adore this space. It reminds me of a museum (in a good way) I like the chair, and of course the console table, but I really like that nook with the vase... hidden by the stripes. And I am naturally loving the lamps!

Slight and subtle- perfect

The pink stripes in the laundry room really make a difference. This would make me WANT to do laundry!

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