Thursday, September 30, 2010

Peacock Decor

My house is always a work in progress. I am always thinking of something new that I can do, or some different color I can introduce. *This is what I do during my spare time*
I was trying to figure out how I could add a little flair into my living room for super cheap/free. The idea that I came up with is I want to find some peacock fabric to make pillows out of. I know that this will be really cheap, and easy to do.
That got me to thinking about how beautiful peacock feathers are, and I was instantly inspired. Here is a collection of peacock decor that would draw interest to any space.

A simple wall sticker (from ebay) adds tons of interest to this otherwise bland staircase. Talk about easy!

I love this little table from Answercult. Its got tons of personality! I don't think that I would keep it this bare though, I would probably paint it

Peacock feathers in a tall vase is one of my favorite things. I have actually been on the hunt for the perfect tall, skinny vase for a really long time to do this, I just haven't found one worth buying yet... The feathers just have so much texture and color!

I am completely in love with this mirror! I found it at Vamp Decor.
I could just see it in a hallway, or entryway above the perfect console table, with a vase of feathers...

I like this mirror too, but it isn't my style as much as the first one. It definitely says "glam"!

Peacock rug from Neiman Marcus

This is a room from the Menlo Park Hotel. I am completely drooling over it. I love the wallpaper, and the pillows!

Anthropologie always has the best things! I love this settee! It would bring tons of pizzaz to any space it occupies!

Can't go wrong with a peacock vase, or pillows!
These pillows aren't really what I was thinking for my own space, just cause I wanted more color, but I love them just as well! They are unique and super cute!
And again with the Anthro! I love these peacock dishes! How cute would they look displayed in a teal/turquoise hutch?!?! Or maybe over your amazing credenza... So many options...


  1. we share the same obsession! just great stuff! A great way for me to start my new year ... finding your page. happy new year!