Monday, September 20, 2010


Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a great weekend! Scroll down to my last post if you want to hear all about my geeked out weekend!

It really made me think about where I want my life to go, and re-confirmed the fact that I am on the right path, and happy about it. I just wish it didn't take so long to get to where I want to be...

On that note: on to dishes!
In my house, I have all my plates, bowls, and coffee mugs out on shelves above my sink to display. Now, I love my dishes and have two sets, that compliment each other nicely, but one is a cream color and the other is black on the outside, and dark green on the inside. Like I said, nice, but I was thinking that with them all out on display, I should have something that is bright and colorful to my otherwise neutral kitchen. I love using a white backdrop with colorful dishes- its art with the necessities.
Here are some inspiring photos...

Love that pop of color! It's a center piece without the effort!

Dishes out on shelves makes kitchens feel more used and "homey" to me. Like somebody actually lives there

But you don't need tons of color for that classy look either. Simple blue and white dishes look great in these kitchens.

How do you keep your dishes in your kitchen? Do you like the look of them out on open shelves?

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