Sunday, September 5, 2010

DIY table

My boyfriend and I have had this piece for quite a while now, and I am in the-very long- process of bringing our home together. None of my furniture matched, and none of it really flows together. It's really hard to do anything with the house when you don't have the financial means for it, so I just decided that I was going to use what I had and make it the way that I want it for little to nothing cost wise.

This is how it started out... Old, and completely outdated. All my furniture was oak- which looks really dingy and outdated to me, so I am now switching to all dark brown furniture

The handles are terrible, and needed to go!

I used the same brown spray paint that I used on the Dresser that I re-did, then for a little extra pizzaz and character, I used spray adhesive and glued on fabric that I had lying around (that I'm going to use for another project) to the raised part on the doors. I topped the fabric off with a generous coat of Modge-Podge, which helped with the frayed edges of the fabric (cause my scissors are REALLY dull).

I went out and got a couple silver knobs for a couple bucks, and then used the same backing that was on the old handles and spray painted those silver. They worked great together, and I'm happy with the extra flair the backing makes.

And here is the end result with the new lamp and everything! I am super stoked on how everything turned out, and have been staring at it a lot for the past couple days. ;)

I love the feeling that all my stuff is finally coming together. It makes me feel like I am taking that leap to a full fledged adult. I don't only have a hodge-podge of hand-me-downs anymore, and am making my environment reflect my life. I am growing up!

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