Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dreamy Kitchens

Living in a space with a super small kitchen makes you truly appreciate having a large kitchen. To be able to have more than one person in there with you, to have tons of counter space, a full sized fridge and stove, and an island are among the few things I miss and dream about.

Cabinet space? Whats that?

This kitchen is small, but I love the color and the sink! How adorable!

A rustic kitchen... Mmmmm.... Just look at those rafters!

I love the look of the glass cabinet doors. Show off all those fabulous dishes!

I'm not even sure what I would do with all this space! It is very glamorous though!

Ummmm purple counter tops? YES PLEASE! I would be beyond stoked to have purple counter tops in my kitchen! Especially paired with those fab decorative cabinets!

Absolutely LOVE the basket lamps! It brings the whole kitchen down to earth!

Something about this kitchen makes me giddy. Perhaps its all the natural light, or maybe the shelves and the numbered plates, or just the amount of windows in there. I love it all!

What kind of flowers are those?
I love how open this kitchen is. I would love to have a dinner party here with all my friends!

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